Mosephine - "Be My Baby" by the Ronettes (2019)

Video taken in the magic cavespace beneath a loft bed in a rented room in New York city.

Up in the city for a temporary job, I spent my off-time wandering around, being the cliche small town person in the big city, looking for something / everything and not knowing what it was, seeing so much along the way... taking the subway in various states of loneliness back to this little place.

I'd get home and still be wired from all the stimulation of the city, and music was my way to wind down. I'd sing as softly as I could, as it was always hard to tell when the host was home or over at his fiancee's place. I ran both my guitar and vocals through these pedals: Boss RC-30 looper, Boss DD-3 and DD-7 delays, Boss PN-2 Stereo Tremelo / Pan, and a Nano Holy Grail. Then, I put that through a small ? brand micro practice amp.