Live from Room 127

Recordings from the Highland Inn, Atlanta, May 2019

Soon after a big splitting, I lived in the Highland Inn, in Atlanta, Georgia for a few months while I worked a job there. My energy was swirling around inside of me in strange ways that spring, and I spent a lot of time at the corner pub making friends for a night and rewriting older songs in my room. Later in the season I came back through Atlanta to play a solo show, and reserving the same room.

Though I got a bit overwhelmed with nerves at the show, my warmup set beforehand contained some moments of effect I don’t know how I’d ever repeat, and so, here are two songs from that unrepeatable period.

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I brought my backdrop materials which were the beginnings of my current trash salvation phase - a car’s windshield reflector made into a sun, torn plastic sheeting, tangles of holiday lights, mosquito netting, and a pair of portable color lights. I set these up each show as a way to calm my nerves. I parted ways with this backdrop after leaving it behind after a show, the venue staff understandably mistaking the black trash bag full of scraps as misplaced garbage and delivering it to the dumpster.

What did your past self make that you’ve yet to acknowledge or honor?