Freestyle Walking (2012)

Freestyle walking, freestyle breath in

your prowess of droll, improvised speech

(unfathomable, on-the-spot!)

skimming off the top your knowledge of the world

separating it out, collecting what is solid just for me.

I am in awe---> or, you could say

taken aback.

Show me things of the world I do not know,

might never see

(the places that have existed far longer than you or I)

the people that built them,

that founded pieces of our modern world.

I'll show you the colors as vibrant as the objects intended,

light is to be interpreted by your eyes

(yellow yearns to be captured so vividly)

It's not in your fingers or muscles,

it's all about seeing, I say.

But really I must listen more closely to you

hearing what you say between what you don't

(sensing the tension in the air)

the pitch of your exhale

whether the soundwaves confess your bewilderment.

These things are what I know to be truest

most concrete connotation

(the least sturdy in scientific ideology)

they are the constructs

proven volatile by their own volition.

Show me about the movement of time,

of words and their transendence into the world

(I want to know more of your soul)

brushed away by wind or still permanent?

An unmoved nonmass of love versus nothing

traits that know no weight and still

are the heaviest of all.